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IA Monitor

IA Monitor Overview

D-mx IA LCD has been developed by accumulating business experiences and technology of Digital Max's Industrial Appliance LCD monitor for many years.

A. Open Frame
For use as a monotor for game consoles or various industrial computer system applications LCD Panel and A/D Board are semi-finished LCD monitors mounted on a solid and stable metal frame.
B. Touch Frame
It is a touch-type open frame LCD suitable for systems requining a touch screen such as a game machine or a kiosk(Kiosk).
C. Rack Monitor
D-mx IA Rack Monitor is a durable monitor for automation and factory equipment.
D-mx IA Rack Monitor monitors are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, in any environment with extreme shocks or worst-case conditions.
Openframe Monitor

THE D-mx IA Open Frame LCD monitor is a case-less is custom-made for a variety of applications, including industrial, interior, and gaming

Designmax has been recognized by many customers in Korea and abroad for Open Frame LCD, which is needed in various industres. We have products that meet the needs of customers from 10.4inch to 42inch.

가. Small Size
Model No. DO-104SV DO-121XG DO-150XG DO-170SX DO-190SX
Panel Type
10.4" SVGA 12.1" XGA 15" XGA 17" SXGA 19" SXGA
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.260 x 0.264 0.240 x 0.240 0.297 x 0.297 0.264 x 0.264 0.294 x 0.294
Left/Right 65 / 65 40 / 40 89 / 89 88 / 88
Up/Down 45 / 55 15 / 30 89 / 89 88 / 88
Contrast Ratio 400:1 250:1 400:1 600:1 400:1
Brightness 250 cd / m2 140 cd / m2 280 cd / m2 250 cd / m2
Display Color 262, 144 Color 262, 144 Color 6Bit 16M 16.7M
Resolution 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024
Video -
Sync. H/V Separate, SOG
Horizontal 40 - 80KHz 30 - 70KHz 30 - 60KHz 40 - 70KHz 31.5 - 61KHz
Vertical 47 - 63Hz 47 - 63Hz 56 - 75Hz 50 - 75Hz 60 - 75Hz
Out line 269.7x200x55.1 290x232x34.6 333x275x40 358.5x296.5x22.1 426x349x56.7
Active area 211.2x158.4 246x184.5 304.12x228.09 337.92x270.33 376.2x301.05
Compatibility IBM Compatible
Plug & Play VESA DDC 1/2B
Power Management VESA DPMS
Power Source 12V 3.3A/50~60Hz 12V 5A/50~60Hz
Consumption 40W 60W
Standby <1W
Operating Temperature 0 ~50 ℃
Humidify Less 90%
Weight Monitor 2.8kg 3.5kg 4.5kg 5.5kg 6.8kg
Packing 4.8kg 5.5kg 6.5kg 7.5kg 8.8kg
나. Large Size
Model No. DO-201UX DO-230WX DO-320WX DO-420WX
Panel Type
20.1" UVGA 23" WXGA 32.0" WXGA 42.0" WXGA
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.255 x 0.255 0.124 x 0.372 0.170 x 0.510 0.227 x 0.681
Left/Right 88 / 88
Up/Down 88 / 88
Contrast Ratio 400:1 550:1 400:1
Brightness 250 cd / m2 500 cd / m2
Display Color 16.7M
Resolution 1600 x 1200 1366 x 768
Sync. H/V Separate, SOG
Horizontal 40 - 60KHz 45 - 50KHz 30 - 60KHz 31.47 - 80KHz
Vertical 59 - 61Hz 47 - 63Hz 52 - 75Hz 47 - 75Hz
Out line 484.0x378.2x56.1 596x368x75.9 792.2x482.2x79 1058.4x662.4x115
Active area 408.0 x 306.0 508.2 x 285.7 697.68 x 392.25 930.25 x 523.01
Compatibility IBM Compatible
Plug & Play VESA DDC 1/2B
Power Management VESA DPMS
Power Source 18V 3.8A/50~60Hz AC220V/50~60Hz
Consumption 81W 70W   202W
Standby <1W
Operating Temperature 0 ~50 ℃
Humidify Less 90%
Weight Monitor 9.5kg 9.5kg 18.0kg 28.0kg
Packing 11.5kg 11.5kg 20.0kg 30.0kg
Touch Frame Monitor
Touch Overview
The Touch screen is a state of the art input device that replaces the keyboard and the mouse. The touch screen is mounted on a general monitor and then touches the monitor directly with the hand to perform the desired operation. Therefore, the GUI(Graphic User Inerface) environment Ideal for intuitive tasks.
The D-mx IA Touch Frame LCD is available as an option in 10.4 to 42-inch IA Open Frame product

- Resistive Overlay (4-wire / 5-wire)
- Capacitive overlay method
- Apply Infrared Beam method
Resistive Overlay
It operates by pressure on the surface, maintains fast response speed and high precision, and operates reliably at all times with high reliability tht is not influenced by the environment. Applications ar easy to apply to various fields such as POS, factory automation, LCD and medical field.

The resolution of the touch screen is 4096x4096 of more. It can touch with any hand or any object. It ha a long touch life of more than 35 milion times. It has international certification such as FCC and UL, suppoerts various operating systems, and has a small error rate, In Korea, it is widely used in force, factory automation.
Capacitive Overlay
By applying a transparent conductive metal on both sides of the glass and applying voltage to the four comers of the screen, the high frequency spreads on the touch screen surface and the touch point is recognized by analyzing the high frequency waveform changed by finger contact.

- It responds to a minute constant voltage.
- Has high decomposition ability.
- Bare hands only(no gloves, objects, bullpen, etc.)
- The surface of the glass scratches and scratches are weak.
Infrared Beam
Touch method using the straightness or light, it is not affected by the ambient environment of other products and operates stably. Various types of models are available and can be reliably used in various fields.

Applications are easy to apply to various fields such as POS, factory automation, LCD and medical field. It is a good product to use in places the are used by many people, ATM, etc
ㆍOperation principle
When a screen is selected as an object that can block light like a finger on a monitor equipped with an Opto-Matrix Frame, the light emitted from the infrared light emitting dio de is blocked by the finger and is not detected by the opposite phototransistor, It is possible to find out whether it is blocked.
- Transparency is very good because the surface is free form.
- Tempered glass type, very durable
- The life span is semi-permanent
- Recognized by hand, ballpoint pen or nay other material
Rack Monitor
Model No. DR-150XG DR-170SX DR-190SX
Panel Type
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.297mm x 0.297mm 0.264mm x 0.264mm 0.264mm x 0.264mm
Viewing Angle Left/Right 65/65 Left/Right 89/89Left/Right +89/-89
Up/Down 45/55 Up/Down 89/89 Up/Down +60/-60
Contrast Ratio 400:1 1500:1 450:1
Brightness 250cd / m2 280cd/m2 1500cd/m2
Display Color 16M (8-bit) 16.7M 16.7M
Resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 1280 x1024
PC Interface Video Analog RGB Video, RGB, DVI-I(D) Video, RGB
Sync. H/V Separate Sync. H/V Separate Sync. H/V Separate
Connector Form Black Black or Ivory Black
Tilting Degree     Up/Down : +30/-5
Frequency Support H: 30-61KHz
V: 60-75Hz
H: 56.7-81.1KHz
V: 60-75Hz
h: 31.5-80KHz
V: 60-75Hz
(H x V x D / mm)
Close : 482x43x630 Outline : 482.6x398x62.5 Spread 420x410x238
Open : 482x363x1033   Folded 420x465x65
Active : 304.13x228.1 Active : 337.9x270.34  
Compatibility IBM Compatible IBM Compatible IBM Compatible
Plug & Play VESA DDC 1/2B VESA DDC 1/2B VESA DDC 1/2B
Power Source 12V 3.3A / 50~60Hz 12V 3.3A~5A / 50~60Hz 90~265VAC, 47~63Hz
Consump. 40W 60W 50W
Standby <1W <1W <5W
Perating Temp. 0~50℃ 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Humidity Less 90% Less 90% Less 90%
Weight Monitor : 18kg
packing : 20kg
Monitor : 19kg
packing : 11kg
Net : 5.9kg
Gross : 7.1kg
Option KVM
(K/Board, Video, M/s)
Touch Screen Touch Screen, TV
Composite, S-video Composite, S-video